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'thisaintyourmotherstardis' has asked “What actor would you love to see as the next Doctor?”

I believe the past two Doctors have been great incarnations, David Tennant and Matt Smith have brought great personalities to the role of the Time-Lord.  Both have been masters at portraying the silly and the serious, great at both ends of the spectrum.  So, whoever would be cast as the next Doctor should be equally adept at these emotions.  

If I were to choose someone along these lines for the newest Doctor, I would have to pick Hugh Laurie; he can easily play the serious and gruff role, as per House, as well as a humorous blunderer, as per Stuart Little or 101 Dalmatians.

If, however, a total overhaul were to be in place for the next Doctor, I would cast a vote for Alan Rickman.  This man is such a well define actor that he could embody the pain and suffering felt during 900+ years of time travel as well as the whimsy that comes along with it.

So, in conclusion, I would like to see Hugh Laurie or Alan Rickman as the next Doctor.  Hopefully, as they are both well established actors with certain character traits, people could overlook these stereotypes were they to be our next Gallifreyan.

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